Euro Contego Ltd – physical protection and technical surveillance


Euro Contego, protection of objects through Alarm Monitoring Centre


Safety is the elemental necessity and crucial basis for peaceful existence. Euro Contego is a reliable and safe partner to private persons, companies or public institutions that want safer existence and business activity process. Securing those basic elements is our ultimate goal.
We make maximum effort in approaching each client separately by taking into consideration their needs and requirements and offering the most optimal safety solution. Our basic principle is “value for money” so our key effort is to achieve satisfactory quality standards while providing services to private persons or companies in the most economic, efficient and effective way.

We provide following services:

  • Services of Alarm Monitoring Centar or AMC
  • Private investigation services (services of private detective agency)
  • Physical protection of objects / facilities
  • Physical protection of individuals (bodyguard services)
  • Safeguard services on public gatherings (sports, social and political events)
  • Services of security intervention team
  • Services of physical protection
  • Surveillance of money transport

Short info:

Euro Contego Ltd
Matice hrvatske 22 , 21000 Split
Contacts :
phone+385 21 480 511
alarm center +385 21 480 491
fax +385 21 339 106

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